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  The Fourth Dimension
  Motion in the Fourth Dimension
Intrinsic Properties
  Quantum Physics Parallels
Seraphim Interactions
  Electrostatic Interactions
  Magnetic Interactions

Abstract: In this page I argue that the Biblical term seraphim is a metaphor for the energetic particles that comprise an immense particulate sea mentioned in the books of Isaiah, Revelation and Ezekiel. The sea is transparent (compared to glass in Revelation) and organized as a highly regular (crystal-like) 4-dimensional lattice. Its primary purpose is to serve as a substrate for the movement of matter particles. The entire 3-dimensional visible universe is continually moving in the lattice at the speed of light in one of the four dimensions. As it moves, the interactions between normal matter particles and lattice particles give rise to electrostatic phenomena. The motion of matter in the other three dimensions is responsible for magnetic phenomena. Gravity is a nonlocal, quasi-instantaneous energy conservation phenomenon and it is almost entirely due to the electrostatic interactions occurring in the lattice. Understanding the properties of the lattice particles and how they interact with normal matter and other lattice particles will allow us to develop revolutionary technologies for energy production and transportation. It is possible to gain a precise understanding of the properties of lattice particles by examining several metaphors found in the Biblical texts.


Seraphim comprise the source of energy that keeps everything in the visible 3-D universe moving. Without seraphim, everything would come to a complete halt. They are the constituents of an immense 4-dimensional sea or particulate lattice that surrounds us all and is responsible for all gravitational, electrostatic and magnetic phenomena. At each position of the lattice, there is a huge number of seraphim for every possible energy level up to a certain limit. Initially, the lattice particles are at absolute rest. Once they become dislodged as a result of an interaction with another particle (either a normal matter particle or another lattice particle), they continue to move through the lattice at the speed of light. The full purpose of the lattice cannot be groked (thanks, Heinlein) unless one first understands the need for a fourth spatial dimension in which the entire visible matter of the universe is moving at the speed of light in one direction. Please read Physics From the Bible and More Nasty Little Truth About Physics before continuing.

The Fourth Spatial Dimension

I remember being intrigued, years ago, by a strange Biblical passage having to do with something Jesus is reported to have said (John 8:56-58):

Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad. Then said the Jews unto him, thou art not yet fifty years old, and hast thou seen Abraham? Jesus said unto them, verily, verily, I say unto you, before Abraham was, I am.

I was immediately struck by the seemingly awkward but deliberate use of the present tense "I am". How can Jesus claim to be in the past? Was he talking about time travel? I doubt it very much since time travel is crackpottery. There is no such thing as a time dimension in which we are moving in one direction or another. So was it a simple grammatical mistake on Jesus' or John's part? That, too, is unlikely given the big spelling and pronunciation difference between the declinations of the verb "to be" in both the original spoken Aramaic and the subsequent Greek renditions. I was baffled. It took me several years but eventually I hit upon the idea that Jesus was not talking about a time before Abraham but a place! In other words, he (Jesus) exists (present tense) at a place before the place where Abraham was. Only then could the use of the present tense (I am) make sense. Of course, Jesus could not have been referring to his human self since his human body could be clearly seen by the people he was talking to. He was talking about his divine body, in heaven. It was his way of saying that we live in a four-dimensional universe and that his throne is in a place (i.e., heaven) that cannot be found anywhere in our 3-D slice of the universe. As we shall see below, we (and the entire visible universe) are moving along the fourth dimension in one direction only, the opposite one from heaven. The properties of normal matter particles are such that they cannot move in the other direction.

Motion in the Fourth Dimension

The idea that we exist and move around in a four-dimensional sea of energetic particles is enticing because it explains things like gravity, electromagnetism and the self-energy of electrons without having to invent voodoo nonsense like virtual photons, gravitons or a spacetime continuum. Initially, I had thought that the sea (or lattice) was only 3-dimensional. The problem with having a 3-D lattice is that it quickly becomes depleted as interactions dislodge particles from their initial positions. It turns out that the only way to replenish the lattice is to posit that it is 4-dimensional and that the visible universe is moving in one direction in the fourth dimension at the speed of light. This way, a fresh full supply of energetic particles is encountered at every fundamental interval. Lattice particles are jettisoned from the points of interactions giving rise to electrostatic fields. As I will show later, movement at c in a four dimensional lattice also explains gravity. Another astonishing consequence of this fourth dimensional motion is that interactions leave "holes" or "blanks" in the lattice where lattice particles have been dislodged. In other words, the history of the entire universe is continually being recorded in the lattice, down to every minute detail! This gives credence to ancient myths regarding the so-called Akashic records. It brings to mind something Jesus is reported to have said to the effect that everything that was done in secret will be revealed for everyone to see. The concept of resurrection also makes sense in this light since the entire information needed to reconstruct the body of a dead person (or a dinosaur for that matter) is faithfully recorded in the lattice. 

Intrinsic Properties

Seraphim is a plural Hebrew word that means the burning or shining ones. This is rather appropriate since seraphim are pure (massless) energetic particles responsible for all electromagnetic phenomena including magnetic and electrostatic fields and, of course, light. Seraphim are simple, elementary particles with a small number of properties. They are described metaphorically in the books of Isaiah and Revelation:

Isaiah 6:1-3
In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe filled the temple. Above it stood seraphim; each one had six wings: with two he covered his face, with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. And one cried to another and said: "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; The whole earth is full of His glory!"

Rev 4:6-8
And before the throne there was something like a sea of glass, like crystal; and in the center and around the throne, four living creatures full of eyes in front and behind. The first creature was like a lion, and the second creature like a calf, and the third creature had a face like that of a man, and the fourth creature was like a flying eagle. And the four living creatures, each one of them having six wings, are full of eyes around and within; and day and night they do not cease to say, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God, the Almighty, who was, who is and who is to come."

In all, seraphim have five intrinsic properties (note 1): faces, wings, feet, eyes and position. Please refer to the verses above as I discuss each property below. All particle properties are associated with one or more of the four dimensions (degrees of positional freedom).


The face of a particle is its absolute orientation in one of the four dimensions. The closest equivalent in modern quantum physics is the so-called spin of a particle. The books of Ezekiel and Revelation use precise symbols to label the four dimensions: lion, calf (or bull) human and eagle (note 2). Each dimension has two directions, positive and negative. To put it another way, a particle can face either forward or backward in a given dimension. So, even though a particle can have no more than four faces, it can have up to eight orientations altogether, four positive and four negative. Note that a seraph has only one face (i.e., two orientations which corresponds roughly to the two spin states of a photon in quantum physics), whereas normal matter particles can have more than one (more on this in a future page on cherubim). It is important to keep in mind that faces imply absolute orientations or dimensions. This is in sharp contradiction with one of the postulates of the Special Theory of Relativity according to which there are no preferred (absolute) frames of reference in nature. The orientation of a particle's face determines how it interacts with other particles. There is more to faces than what quantum physics suggests, however. One of the faces in particular, the one associated with the fourth dimension, has to do with electrostatic charge polarity. More on interactions later.


Wings and feet are metaphors for types of kinetic energy (note 3). Seraphim have wings and feet (kinetic energy) but no bodies (mass energy). Initially, seraphim are at rest in the lattice because they are not interacting with anything. Once they are set in motion as a result of an interaction, they will continue to move at the speed of light. Moving at c means that there are no rest periods between the jumps while they are moving (see Discrete Universe for more on the nature of motion). Wings, like faces, can be either positive or negative depending on the direction of motion. My understanding of the wing metaphor gradually evolved over the years, as seen below.

The Missing Wings

I remember being delighted, many years ago, when I first came across the metaphors of the living creatures in the book of Revelation. At the time, I had assumed that they were equivalent to the photons (not quite correct, as it turned out) of modern physics. I reasoned that the six wings were used for movement within the lattice: two wings (positive and negative) for each of the three familiar spatial dimensions (or directions). There was one problem, though. My hypothesis called for movement in the fourth dimension as well. This is the only way to explain the self-energy of the electron and other electromagnetic phenomena without using virtual (i.e., voodoo) particles a la quantum physics. In my mind, I needed eight wings but Revelation mentioned only six! Two wings were missing! I was stumped. I decided to put the whole thing on the back burner, so to speak, determined to revisit it at a later date.

Two Wings Dilemma

I realized soon afterwards that my original conjecture that each dimension was assigned a pair of positive and negative wings was flawed. It seems more plausible that only a single wing is needed for movement in any dimension. Said wing could be either positive or negative and its value would determine the particle's speed in that dimension. However, this meant that a particle would only need four wings, not six. This was getting way too complicated for my taste. Obviously, I was missing something important. It was not until years later that I noticed the connection between Revelation's living creatures and the seraphim of Isaiah. That is when I found out that the creatures also had feet, exactly what the doctor ordered! It was clear to me: the lattice particles must be using wings to move in the three familiar spatial dimensions and feet to move in the fourth dimension. Just when I thought I had figured it all out, another problem surfaced. But why six wings? Why not only three? Worse, Isaiah's vision added yet another mystery: wings are organized in pairs, each having a specific configuration but only two wings are used for movement! In other words, the motion of a lattice particle was limited to an absolute 2-D plane! How can this be, I thought? Photons can certainly move in any direction. I was facing a dilemma. Either Isaiah was wrong or I had to throw away my photon/seraphim equivalency hypothesis. I chose the latter.

Wavicle Voodoo

I had concluded, long ago, that the modern concept of a photon as a "wavicle", i.e., a point particle that can nevertheless have a frequency and a wavelength was nonsense. In other words, how can something be a point and still have size? This is the sort of voodoo science coming from the physics community that drove me to erect this site in the first place. Of all the fields of science, only physics can get away with such blatant crackpottery. What physicists call a photon is actually a huge number of energetic particles traveling together. Their energy distribution is such that they form a transverse wave front at the macroscopic level. My hypothesis is that these energetic particles are seraphim.

Cascading Seraphim vs. Photons

The problem that I faced would not go away. How can I reconcile the fact that light is observed to move in a straight line in any spatial direction with the revelation in the book of Isaiah that seraphim moved only in absolute 2-D planes? It then occurred to me that the answer lied in the realization that seraphim interacted with other seraphim in the lattice as they moved. How could they not since nothing can move without an interaction? Seraphim are no exception. The motion of a lattice particle induces the motion of other particles in the lattice resulting in a cascading effect, more like a spreading wave. This explains the observed diffraction of light whereby light appears to bend around corners. I remember jumping for joy when this idea first surfaced in my mind, seemingly out of nowhere. Isaiah's wing pairs began to make sense. But even more exciting was the sudden feeling I had that this was much more important than it seemed at first glance. I will have more to say on cascading particles in the interactions section.

Absolute Planes vs. Frames of Reference 

Soon after the meaning of Isaiah's vision of the wing pairs began to crystallize in my mind, I got to thinking that the peculiar plane-restricted motion of lattice particles could be exploited for practical purposes. I occurred to me that there are three such planes in our familiar 3-D space. Since the earth's north-south rotational axis is fixed, it must be at a fixed angle with respect to any of the three dimensions. This could be used to set up alignment markers with respect to the true north (or south) pole. The markers could then be used for alignment purposes (note 4). I suspect that ancient civilizations such as the great pyramid builders understood this. I hypothesize that the particles of normal matter (say, a stone) could be made to face in the three absolute directions (in modern physics parlance, their spin directions would be changed to specific values) using electrostatic means. Subsequently, a slight rotation of the stone could theoretically induce a force on the particles and accelerate them in a specific direction. That is to say, the stone could be made to levitate by exploiting the energy in the lattice. I am still working on this but it is worthwhile to note that, should this experiment work, it would (besides starting a technological revolution) refute one of the more cherished tenets of Einstein's special theory of relativity which stipulates that there are no preferred frames of reference in the universe. Are they in for a shock! More to come...


Feet, like wings, is a metaphor for kinetic energy. And, like wings and faces, they can be either positive and negative. It just so happen that all particles of normal matter, including seraphim, have positive feet. I define positive as the direction in which all particles are currently moving in the fourth dimension. This means that we cannot move in the other direction, even if we wanted to. However, this does not necessarily imply that there are no particles in the universe that can move in both directions. There is indication in the Bible that some beings can move in either direction.

Deterministic Interactions

Wings are for flying and feet are for walking. This sounds trite but the question is, what is the symbolic difference between the two? I think that feet are used when an interaction must always be deterministic. This is the case with movement in the fourth dimension. It is imperative that all moving particles always have equal fourth dimension coordinates so as to remain in a line of sight from each other, so to speak. That is to say, all particles must be inside the same 3-dimensional slice as they move in the fourth dimension. There can be no slippage whatsoever, not even for a moment, otherwise things would suddenly disappear from view. Thus I surmise that the feet are there to force the jumps, regardless of the conditions. As seen in the paragraph below, this can lead to energy conservation violations which must be corrected.

The Cause and Speed of Gravity

A problem arises when more than two particles have equal positions. This is something that is bound to happen, especially in large matter concentrations such as stars and planets where huge numbers of particles are flying around. In such situations, there is not enough energy in the lattice to effect all the jumps in the fourth dimension. In order to force the jump, the feet must "borrow" the energy momentarily, so to speak, thereby creating an energy imbalance. Gravity is nature's way of balancing things out. Contrary to modern physics dogma (general relativity), gravity does not propagate. It is a nonlocal phenomenon. Any electrostatic imbalance created by interacting particles is instantly felt everywhere in the visible 3-D universe because all visible particles have equal coordinates in the fourth dimension. Thus Newtonian gravity is correct in its assumption that gravity is instantaneous. It is important to note that, according to this hypothesis, all particles may contribute to gravity, not just particles with mass. Note also that it is not the particles per se that cause gravity but the imbalance caused by particle interactions. More on this in a future page.



Eyes have to do with sensing phenomena at a distance. I interpret the metaphor of the creatures being full of eyes to signify that they can sense everything in a nonlocal (i.e., nonspatial) fashion. That is to say, everything in the universe is connected because the universe is one and distance is abstract. Oneness, i.e., the conservation of nothing, must be maintained, that is to say, any imbalance or violation must be corrected at the earliest opportunity. Normally, an imbalance is corrected by a simple jump: if two particles come together, they may cause a violation which is corrected by a normal jump. This is what I define as an interaction. Sometimes, as seen in the case of gravity above, the violation cannot be corrected at the point of interaction and must be addressed non-locally.


We know that seraphim have positional properties because Isaiah wrote that they can fly, i.e., move. As I explain elsewhere, position is an intrinsic property of particles and not the property of an extrinsic space. Space is abstract, i.e., it does not exist physically. Since there are four degrees of freedom, the position of a particle is thus made of four properties which represent the absolute and variable coordinates of the particle. Like every other property in the universe, position is discrete. The difference between two adjacent positions is the fundamental abstract distance or length, an extremely small quantity, relatively speaking.

Quantum Physics Parallels

I have already mentioned the similarity between the face metaphor and the spin of a particle in quantum physics. Of course, spin is a misnomer since particles do not really spin or rotate. This is something that Ezekiel mentioned several times when describing the movement of cherubim:

Ezekiel 1:9
Their wings touched one another. The creatures did not turn when they went, but each one went straight forward.

Ezekiel 1:12
And each one went straight forward; they went wherever the spirit wanted to go, and they did not turn when they went.

There is no reason to suppose that seraphim are the exception to the rule. Physicists apparently came up with the spin idea because they noticed that particles accelerated at right angles during certain collisions. What they failed to realize is that rotation assumes that nature is continuous and that particles have size. The truth is that everything is discrete and particles have no size. The right angle acceleration is due to the intrinsic properties of the particles such as wings and faces. These are associated with the four dimensions which can be said to be at right angles to each other. In the case of seraphim, the three pairs of wings act along two-dimensional planes which are perpendicular to each other.

Seraphim Interactions

What follows is my current understanding of seraphim properties and how they contribute to interactions. It is subject to change.

An interaction is the correction of an imbalance. It is due to a violation of the mother of all conservation principles, the conservation of nothing. An interaction occurs every time the non-zero equilibrium of the universe is broken in one or more of the four dimensions. The violation must be corrected at the earliest opportunity. As I mention elsewhere, since the durations of all interactions are equal to a fundamental interval Tc, and since nature cannot calculate precise durations based on the severity of the violations, it has no recourse but to use probability to time the interactions. This is the reason for the probabilistic decay of certain composite particles. What is important is that, in the end, the universe's overall equilibrium is maintained. Over the long run, the average interval Tav between jumps reflects the strength of the interactions. The shortest possible average interaction interval Tmin is that of particle which is continually moving at the speed of light: Tmin = Tc. Below is a short list of rules (as per my current understanding) to keep in mind as you read this section on Seraphim interactions:

Energy Conservation
The total energy of a seraphim always stays constant (note 5). This means that, if the energy of a particle's wing changes as a result of an interaction, the energy of one or more of the other wings must change to conserve the particle's total energy.

Common Properties
A seraphim may interact with another seraphim only if the two have equal energies and similar faces or feet.

It goes without saying that the kinetic energy of a lattice particle is not what determines how fast it moves (on average) since all seraphim, regardless of their energy, move through the lattice at the speed of light. In order for a lattice particle to move at c, it must continually interact with other particles of equal energy. Since seraphim can only interact with other seraphim of equal energies, they always move at c in the lattice. However, this is not the case for massive particles (note 5). Unless the entire mass energy (body) of a normal particle is converted to kinetic energy (wings), its average speed will be less than c since only a fraction of its overall energy is used for movement. The formula for calculating the average speed of a massive particle is this: speed = (kinetic energy / total energy) * c.

Electrostatic Interactions

In my hypothesis, the electrostatic field of a charged particle (e.g., the electron) is the result of interactions caused by the motion of the particle in the fourth dimension. The field consists of a huge number of seraphim being jettisoned from the points of interaction in the lattice. The property that is responsible for the fourth dimensional (note 6) motion of a particle is its feet. Note that there are two wings associated with a seraph's feet and that, even though all seraphim have feet, they do not all have similar faces.

Magnetic Interactions

The magnetic field of a charged particle is due to interactions caused by the motion of the particle in one or more of the three familiar spatial dimensions. 


To be continued...


To be continued...



1. Note that normal matter has two extra properties not shared by seraphim. They are bodies and hands. These are mentioned in Ezekiel's vision of the four living creatures (cherubim). I will discuss these in a future page on cherubim.

2. This is important because these symbols were apparently known to a few ancient civilizations. The Sphinx (east-facing lion) lying on the east side of the great pyramid of Egypt is a case in point.

3. There is another type of energy symbolized by body (or mass energy) in the book of Ezekiel. Seraphim have wings and feet but no bodies. In other words, they are what physicists would call pure energy particles. I will explain the precise difference in a future page on cherubim.

4. Here is an exciting thought. Could it be what the Nazca lines in Peru were designed to be: alignment markers?

5. This is true even for massive particles. At rest, a massive particle has no kinetic energy. Its entire energy is contained in its body (mass energy). As it moves, part of its mass energy is converted into kinetic energy (wings). The average speed of a massive particle is less than c as long as it has mass energy. It reaches c when its entire mass energy is converted into kinetic energy. This will be explained further in the coming page on Cherubim.

6. I have reasons to believe that the fourth dimension is associated with the eagle.


2007 Louis Savain

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