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What is it exactly that I am trying to accomplish with the rebel science site?

My agenda is simple. I am a Christian and I work to promote the God of the old and the new testaments. I hasten to say that I am not a Christian fundamentalist since I don't believe that every part of the Bible must be interpreted literally. I certainly don't believe that the universe was created six thousand years ago or that the heavens and the earth were created in six days of twenty-four hours each. But I do find it rather distressing that many in the scientific community have monopolized science as their own exclusive playground and turned it into an anti-Christianity and anti-God crusade. I blame both scientists and many so-called Christians for this state of affairs.

My plan is to demonstrate over the coming months and years that, not only is it false that Biblical teachings are anti-science, but that the most revolutionary scientific advances in this century will come straight from the Bible. I perfectly realize that this is not going to win me a lot of friends in the scientific community but I will be very blunt about it: I don't care. As can be garnered from my work on software reliability, I am not normally given to flights of fancy. Those of you who have followed my work over the years already know about my research in Biblical AI. What you may not know is that my current writings regarding the Star-Trek voodoo science that is endemic in the spacetime physics community are just a prelude of much greater things to come. Artificial intelligence is just the tip of the Biblical iceberg because, as it turns out, the Bible has many more secrets hidden behind clever metaphors. The Biblical symbolism related to the fundamental principles and the underlying structure of the physical universe will turn out to be just as amazing and upsetting as the advent of intelligent machines, if not more so. We are living in interesting times. Stay tuned.

Addendum, 3-24-2007

As promised, I have added a new section on Bible Physics to the site. It is currently under construction but I am sure that my readers may already find some of the concepts and revelations interesting.


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